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At Aecon, partnerships and relationships are core to who we are and a key component of our competitive strategy. Partnerships provide a platform for Aecon to access projects that are beyond any one contractor’s capacity to deliver alone and enable Aecon and our partners to pursue larger, more complex and consequently higher-margin work.

Aecon’s entry into the mainline pipeline business through a joint venture is a key success story and example of how we are executing our strategy of organic growth through partnerships and alliances.

Aecon’s Concessions group brings a specialized, fine-tuned approach to project management, financing and development, both in Canada and internationally.

According to the Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships, P3s are major contributors to Canada’s economy, generating $51.2 billion in direct economic output and 290,680 direct full-time equivalent jobs between 2003 and 2012.

“With our successful track record and multidisciplinary capabilities, Aecon has become the Canadian partner of choice on large-scale construction projects. We will continue to capitalize on our national scale and scope of services to take advantage of the robust opportunities before us.”

TERI McKIBBON, President and Chief Operating Officer


Eglinton Crosstown LRT Tunnelling project
$177 million
(50% of the joint venture)
John Hart Generating Station replacement project
$225 million
(60% of the joint venture)
Stage 1 of the Waterloo Light Rail Transit project
$250 million
(Subject to closing – 51% of the joint venture)


British Columbia
  • John Hart Generating Station (60% of the joint venture)
  • Waneta Dam (60% of the joint venture)
  • Port Mann (40% of the joint venture)
  • Capilano Tunnels (30% of the joint venture)
  • Northeast Anthony Henday Drive (22.5% of the joint venture)
  • Cogeneration Power Plant (50% of the joint venture)
  • Inter Pipeline Ltd. Expansion (50% of the joint venture)
  • Eglinton Crosstown LRT Tunnelling (50% of the joint venture)
  • Region of Waterloo, Stage 1 Light Rail Transit Project (51% of the joint venture)
  • Air Rail Link (50% of the joint venture)
  • Lower Mattagami Hydroelectric (20% interest in a general partnership)
  • Darlington Nuclear Refurbishment (50% of the joint venture)
  • TTC Sheppard South (30% of the joint venture)
International - Ecuador
  • Quito Airport (42.3% interest in the Quiport concessionaire)